Mom Blog Boredom Conundrum

I am bored. I hate being bored. For so long, I was this crazy, stressed lunatic woman and you know what?

I liked it.

And now I suddenly have time on my hands and my afternoons with Hadley while Bode naps feel like an eternity. Does anyone have any tips for keeping an almost-4-year-old occupied while still taking some time for myself?

You know, so I can be bored.

Don’t get me wrong. I have things to do. It just seems the less I have to cram into my day, the less I get done. Whereas when I am busy, I am so much better at fitting it all in. Does that sound nuts?

I am also having crazy-woman dreams again. Remember this post when I confessed my compulsion for dreaming about my final semester of college? Since I wrote about it, I have never had that dream again. My latest dreams revolve around Jamie. We have been dating a while and then he decides he doesn’t want to marry me after all.

This dream is completely irrational for the following reasons:

1) We have a great relationship and I really don’t feel any insecurities. Well, except that he loves his pumpkin more than me.

2) He was the one who asked me to marry him after only a couple of months.

Still, the dear man figured I needed some consoling yesterday.

“Amber, if things were different, I would still marry you 5 X over.”

“But why not 10 X?”

“Because of questions like that.”

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