Mom blogs as promotional vehicles–yes or no?

So, we’re sick. Again. And it is coming out at both ends. This time, I blame Bode. We have been in Park City and Salt Lake City the past week and he was likely exposed to The Plague when we left him in childcare while the rest of us hit the slopes.

It is is his version of payback.

Oh, and my laptop died. And I got slammed into by a snowboarder. And then we got locked out on the deck whilst in the hot tub.

Despite all of this, it was one of our favorite trips ever. Minus the aforementioned incidents. Details to come when I can drag myself out of bed and try to convince Jamie to get off his pumpkin discussion boards to let me use his computer.


On another note, when I was at BlogHer last summer I attended a session with a large number of publicists and mommy bloggers. The jist of it was really popular bloggers whined about the terrible PR pitches they often received and the publicists pretended to care, while in reality they drew pictures of bullseyes with the blogger’s head in the middle.

It was a veritable lovefest.

After the session, a lesser-known blogger asked me, “What about the rest of us who want to receive those crummy pitches about products to review or give away on our blog?”

She had a great point. I personally have chosen not to monetize this blog or do promotional giveaways and I reserve that for Mile High Mamas. However, I know there are many of you who want to be on the cutting edge of new product releases and here’s one way to do it: sign up for One2One Network, an effective word-of-mouth network that allows you to sample products, take surveys, throw in-home parties and do giveaways/reviews on your blog.

I received my first product last week: the soundtrack to He’s Just Not That Into You. I have been promoting the movie’s pre-screening on Mile High Mamas so had high hopes for the soundtrack.

My rating: Jamie hates it and I’d give it about a B-.

The soundtrack has some 80s tunes that I never cared for back in the 80s. However, it does have some redeeming tracks from Maroon 5, The Cure and r.e.m. It’s all about taste and while it’s not my favorite, I wouldn’t negate others from enjoying it. I highly suspect once I see the movie, the songs will come to life, as is the case with most soundtracks.

The movie soundtrack came in a package with some nifty promotional candy hearts with sentimental sayings.

Or so I thought.

A few days later, Hadley and I were making a birthday card for a neighbor and I had the brilliant idea to glue some of them onto the card.

Until we started reading them:

Back off.

Let’s talk.


I’m done.

Best to save those sweet nothings for the next time I have a whole lot of something to say to someone less-than-sweet.

Now, for the good stuff. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the He’s Just Not That Into You soundtrack to check it out for yourself. And finally, do you ever do giveaways on your blog? Do you sell ads? Why or why not?

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