My night as a celebutante (or not)

I’m not a fan of celebrities and can count on one hand how many I’d really like to meet, Matt Lauer, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper being among them.

I’ve had a thing for news anchors since my broadcast journalism college days and they kinda count, right?

So when the media attending the Cars Land preview were invited to cover the Red Carpet festivities, I opted for a back-row seat. Or rather, square of carpet.

It was standing-room only.

When I checked in, I was assigned No. 50. If you’ve ever wondered how the Red Carpet organization works, each media outlet is assigned a number and that is where they are stationed (often with a bunch of other journalists). I was originally supposed to be with some Utah outlets but migrated over to where my posse–a fun group of bloggers–was hanging out.

There were some bloggers on the front lines battling it out for the interviews while the rest of us had a lot of fun sitting back and pretending to know who half of the people were.

Fortunately LeAnn Jakubowski, Disney’s Director of Social Media, had a cheat-sheet of all the celebrities who’d be attending. This is just one page of many.

Normally I’d feel really awkward about sticking a camera in a celebrity’s face but that is what the Red Carpet is all about.

Cheers’ John Ratzenberger, the voice of Cars’ Mack the truck. Hot blonde included.
Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett

Brad was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s and hammed it up for the bloggers. Let’s just say he’s not an introvert.

Larry the Cable Guy (voice of Mater) made several appearances during the grand opening. Dude is down-to-earth and funny.

Here’s someone who blew me away. Recognize her? I didn’t either, though she’s from my favorite comedy, Modern Family. A glammed up Arial Winter plays the brainy Alex Dumphy.

Speaking of Modern Family, who doesn’t love Manny?

There were plenty of other celebrities but I was often too late or my camera was too slow to capture the moment.

I got a lot of good backside shots, though.

Don’t ask me who this was.

I wouldn’t cut it as a paparazzo. Though it was fun to have caught a glimpse, I’ll gladly stick with my day job.

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