My proudest moment as a mama!

Hadley is a perfect angel at preschool.

This shocks me more than anyone, especially as I listened to her teachers sing her praises at our recent parent-teacher conference. In their eyes, she could do no wrong.

Until recently.

When I picked up the Hurricane from school a couple of weeks ago, she had her first “Ouch Report,” which is similar to a speeding ticket in the real world and is undoubtedly one incident away from being thrown into the slammer. Well, at least in preschool terms. The details:

Where: It happened at the center at 9 a.m.

Brief Description of Injury: Mark on the back of her head. Hadley tackled (as in full body slammed) Cooper to get the dog he had. He hit her with a piece of plastic bread.

Her defence for Said Incident? “THAT BOY HIT ME WITH FOOOOOOOD!”

$10 says it will never stand up in court.

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