On humiliating and being humiliated

When Jamie and I moved into our current ward six years ago, we were remiss to leave our former congregation. Within a few months, my now-friend Lisa invited us to join an informal dinner group with some other couples.

Six years later, we’re still going strong. After participating in numerous parties that have included a murder mystery, Christmases and BBQs, these people are among our dearest friends.
Though looking at these pictures of our latest dinner/Halloween party one might ask “why.”

There is absolutely no proof that Red Riding Hood’s grandma/wolf is also our bishop.

Though his/her/its smock is lovely.

Evidently good Mormon folk crank out convicts & witches.

But Lisa should have been arrested for letting her husband Phil wear these pants in public.

Lawyer-turned-rock-star or not.

In addition to killer finger food (not literally), our delightful hostess Wendy had a full line-up of games perfectly choreographed to entertain and humiliate.

No commentary is needed.

Of course, no Halloween party is complete without the mummy wrap. I did the honors to my beloved James (you may see his little green pumpkin stem shooting out the top).

But there was none more creative than what the Big, Bad Wolf did to Little Red Riding Hood: two rolls of toilet paper…on her head (she’s the far left).

Forget swallowing someone whole; suffocation is a far more optimal strategy.

Though neither Jamie or I were feeling well, we had a blast. Really, the only person who was a bit wary of the whole thing was Bode. When Jamie took him to pick up our babysitter, Bode had one request:

“Daddy, can you have Mommy take off her make-up when we get home?”
“Why, Bode? Does it scare you?”

I can’t imagine why.

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