Spring Snow Day in Colorado!

Gotta admit it: Even though Denver’s dump of snow put a crimp in my road-biking plans, we’ve been loving it Chez Canuck. When school was canceled, we invited over some of our neighborhood besties and made cinnamon rolls.

Had a rousing tournament of Super Mario Bros.

Evidently, personal space is not an issue when crowding around the Wii.

And then we played to our heart’s content outside. We built a killer snow fort and obstacle course.

I had my 1,204th attempt at making a snowman. Little known fact about me: even thought I grew up in the Great, White North, I absolutely suck at making giant balls of snow. I often blame it on Denver’s non-pliable powder but when I saw a neighbor’s perfectly rubenesque snowman, my competitive fuel was fired.

And yes, I realize I am pretty pathetic if a mere snowman ignites my competitive drive.

In my defense, my husband’s obsession started with just wanting to grow the biggest pumpkin in the neighborhood.

I started out strong as the snow cooperated. After that, I really have no excuse because in the end, my snowman resembled a cross between the Leaning Tower of Pisa and E.T.

In a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save face I decided props were the answer. Any guesses on who is my celebrity snowman?

Hint #1: He recently got accosted with a golf club.

Hint #2: I christened him with an extra-long Pinocchio nose made out of “wood.”

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