Summer’s final scenes

It was one of our most amazing summers on record and I’m still a few weeks behind on documenting it all. But our final 72 hours were some of our sweetest yet as we:

Unearthed lost treasures in Ralston Creek.

Almost touched heaven in the trees.

Discovered our very own living room in Chautauqua’s wilderness on our date night, complete with flagstone chairs.

Kicked back with my favorite person in the world.

Dined in style at Aji’s Latin American Restaurant on Boulder’s famed Pearl Street.

Ethereal and murky as these pictures may be, they represent what are only memories of our whirlwind summer. Life has returned to normal. Jamie is working. The kids are starting school. The mountain of laundry has gotten higher.

When I start to get overwhelmed by it all, I think of the memory card full of pictures with stories yet to share.

And I can’t wait for next summer.

Minor the part about the heat. :-)

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