The Colbert Report, Whistler’s USA House and a Gold-Medal-Winning Mom

One morning, Krista and I went to see the taping of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report at Creekside Park. While we were waiting for Stephen Colbert’s grand entrance, we watched his hilarious vignettes as he attempted various Olympic sports (curling and speed skating were my favorites).

When Colbert finally made his appearance, it was confirmed that he is a rock star in Canada because it looked and smelled like a Bob Marley concert.

Though I’m sure ol’ Bob never had a giant Canadian moose on his stage.

Or was seen riding an eagle.


There are two USOC-run USA Houses at the 2010 Vancouver Games. One is in Vancouver and the Whistler location is in a multi-million dollar mansion.

I was privileged to meet bobsledder Chuck Berkeley (whom one of my companions nicknamed Adonis the Greek God).

Trust me. He looks better without the helmet.

I met Nikki Stone, the first-ever Olympic Champion in inverted aerial skiing. With her daughter Zali cuddled up to her, we chatted about motherhood and the release of her book When Turtles Fly, a compilation of inspirational tales from some of today’s most brilliant athletes and leaders.

Two years before winning a gold medal, a chronic spinal injury prevented her from standing and 10 doctors told her she would never strap on a pair of skis again. Her tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge helped her earn 35 World Cup podiums, eleven World Cup titles, four national titles and two Overall World Grand Prix titles. She then endured a painful pregnancy to have her daughter.

This Park City-dwelling mom knows a thing or two about being inspirational.

While we were at Whistler’s USA House, the film crew ushered this mommy blogger out to the luxurious back deck, which was resplendent with colors and textures of the Rocky Mountains. They draped me in a Cashmere blanket and I cuddled up to the fire, gazing out upon the 5-acre property that doubled as an enchanted snow globe

The 20-minute interview was intended to be used in a promotional piece for when Microsoft Office ’10 is officially launched in June.

A quick synopsis of what I said as I sat in a pampered wonderland, having just talked to Olympic legends and indulged in gourmet food:

“My Olympic experience with Microsoft Office Winter Games Contest does not suck.”

I am nothing if not eloquent.

And pretty darn grateful.

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