The state of affairs

So, I obviously don’t have a new blog yet.

Poor Jamie is working more than ever and we ran into a problem with the new design. Namely: we can’t figure out how to get the particular WordPress template we chose to work.

A minor problem.

Jamie doesn’t have time to figure it out. My friend Lori graciously came over but couldn’t figure it out, either. For a lot of Jamie’s projects, he outsources to a dude in India so he suggested he send Said Dude my blog information for him to take a look.

But he keeps forgetting. “I can’t do it now,” he says late in the day. “I have to do it in the morning with the time change.” Then he forgets again.

On a related note, Jamie doesn’t even read my blog but he keeps apprised of it through his mom who often calls to bust him for his exploits. Yesterday’s post was a current example.

Me: “Did you send my blog info to India yet?”
Him: (Ignoring me) “Did you write a blog post about me that was mean?”
Me: “Which time?”

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