The week of the family: Hadley

A good friend recently criticized my slothful blogging practices. I did not deny it. We just started a two-week-long swimming session and following that, our summer travels begin.

I was on a conference call last week. As we waited for the other parties to join us, another lady and I made smalltalk. She asked if my family was going anywhere for the summer.

I divulged we were going to glorious Crested Butte, on an inglorious camping trip, on a mommy-daughter weekend in Puerto Rico, to Utah to see the grandparents (hopefully), topped off by the Outer Banks at the end of August.

After rattling off my list I turned the question back at her, to which there was a long pause and she replied, “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t have any vacation time left.”

I would hate me, too.

Anyhew, back to my assignment at hand. My form of repentance for past and future blogging indiscretions is to write every day this week about what is going on with each member of our family. I will wrap it up on Friday with a much-anticipated announcement about the newest member to join the Johnson clan. Today’s spotlight is on The Hurricane.


Hadley is an aspiring artist.

And no, she does not get it from my stick-figure inspirations.

When she was three, there was a groundbreaking at her new preschool and she drew this picture of the balloon arch.

Her teachers raved the illustration was indicative of a child well beyond her years.

Last week, was her dream come true: she participated in a week-long art camp at school. She was introduced to clay, watercolors, painting and a lot of crafty stuff that simply makes me want to throw up.

It was the best $120 I ever spent.

Possibly my favorite creation was a clay heart. As I strained to ask what was the picture in the middle, she said it was her…looking angry.

And so the embittered, man-hating years begin.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Bode’s spotlight, which includes why he needs his man-hating sister.

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