Valentine’s Day Loves

I’ll admit it: when I was single, I was one of those types who dubbed Valentine’s Day, “Single Awareness Day.”

Now, I realize I missed out on some great opportunities. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top, romantic day but rather, just an expression of gratitude for those you love.

In addition to all the Pinterest-inspired activities I already wrote about here, one night we had a “heart attack love fest” for Family Home Evening. After sharing a scripture from John (a new commandment I give unto you…love one another), we each took several hearts and wrote what we loved about each other.

I knew it would be a great practice in recognizing each other’s strengths but I didn’t realize how much it would touch the kids. Though Haddie and Bode get along pretty well, they’re siblings so aren’t always BFFs (understatement). I will never forget the looks on their faces as they shared what they love about each other…one of those priceless parenting moments. We then taped the hearts all over the house for decoration.

This will be a favorite new Johnson family tradition for Valentine’s Day.

Because I’m all about forcing the love.

We invited Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris over that night for a tasty fondue dinner.

And yes, that is a strobe light you see reflected in the left-hand corner.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a cool disco.

The next day, Jamie and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. I bought nine balloons and taped favorite memories from each year we’ve been married.

There were plenty.

But thank heavens for my blog’s archives to help me remember them all. :)

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