When Mom Has a Warped Sense of Humor

In case you haven’t seen the hilarious article from CBS news that documents numerous candids of terrified people in a haunted house, you need to go there now!


See? I told you!

Last night, the kiddos and I were getting a kick out of all the pictures and I had a brilliant idea. Remember that YouTube video of a casual drive in the countryside that ended badly? (Don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it).

Welp, I plopped the kiddos in front of it and tried to video their reactions. Sadly, it didn’t record but their response left an indelible imprint on me. Both were startled and then Haddie started laughing while Bode looked like he was going to cry. “MOMMY!” he yelled.

It gets better. That night when we said our prayers, Hadley (the melodramatic one) pleaded with the Powers On High to not have nightmares thanks to the video. That’s when an instantaneous plan was hatched. Upon her “Amen,” I jumped out screaming, freaking the gourd out of both of them.

I’d like to think God has a sense of humor.

I know Bode sure didn’t.

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