Why we need garlic-scented deodorant

Hadley is a rock star when it comes to interior design and crafts. She was recently helping me finish decorating my den, wherein, I let out a roar of frustration after pounding the gazillionth nail in the wrong place on the wall. She kindly observed, “This isn’t really your thing. You don’t have the patience for this.”

Gee, you think?

But thanks to her, I think my office/guest room turned out pretty darn cute.

What wasn’t so cute was how we smelled after. I’ve had many years to become accustomed to my own stench but her early-onset puberty is a new thing. In fact, her entire fifth grade class needs a lesson on personal hygiene.

It was the night before school started and I figured it would be splendid time to teach her about the joys of deodorant.

“I want you to lean over and sniff your armpit, long and hard.”

“Huh?” she asked, confused. (Chalk that up as something Mom has never asked me to do).

“Just smell your armpit for me. What do you smell?”

“It smells good. Kind of like garlic.”

Next lesson: how garlic smells like B.O.



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