Why you should totally feel sorry for Hadley

Hadley’s reentry into “the real world” has been a bit rocky. Not that I’m surprised. The girl loved every moment of our 3,000-mile road-trip. Reconnecting with cousins. Stampeding in Calgary. Her free reign at the lake to roam and do whatever the heck she pleased. An extra week and a half with Jamie’s parents in Utah where yes, she worked hard helping Aunt Tammy move and watching the twins but there were shopping trips with Grandma, fancy wedding receptions and outings to the museum.

She arrived home last Thursday to much fanfare. How we missed her!

And how she apparently needed a Grandma Detox because she complained about what we had for dinner (chicken quesadillas, though we redeemed ourselves with red velvet cake), having to do chores and that night as she was going to sleep, she announced she needed a bigger bed. Grandma’s spare bedroom had a Queen.

Sorry, dear. You’re a princess-in-training and you’re stuck with a Twin.

She starts school on Monday, which will be an even more startling transition.We’re simply not ready. We’ve had a busy, fun holiday and the summer doldrums never hit.

But apparently it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. As she was reflecting upon the last few months, she observed.

“Mom, this summer has actually been really hard.”

“Really! HOW?”

“All the packing and unpacking.”

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