You win some, you lose some

Our stake recently experienced some major boundary changes. For those not in the know, each LDS ward is part of a stake (which is usually comprised of about seven different congregations). Members are expected to attend their assigned ward that is based on geography.

We have been in one of the smallest wards in our stake, which poses its own kind of problems when it comes to filling positions (i.e. teachers, leaders, etc). But with the boundary realignment, we are now the third largest. Today was like a joyous reunion as many dear friends now fall within our boundaries.

The children’s Primary classes are divided by age group. Much to her chagrin, all of Hadley’s besties are in the 7-year-old class and she is with the 6-year-olds. We have been in this ward for several years and there has never been another girl her age. She was desperately hoping for a change so I was encouraged when she announced:

“I have some good news and some bad news!”
“Tell me!”
“Well, the good news is Ethan is no longer in our ward.”
“That’s the good news? What’s the bad news?”
“We got a new boy in his place.”

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