A Colorado weekend of chick flicks, hiking and car wash trauma

Last weekend, Jamie’s mom offered to take Bode on Friday night while Jamie’s sister hosted a sleepover with Hadley and then spent the day with her at the local amusement park.

Just in case you are wondering why we live in Colorado, look no further than the above paragraph. My sympathies to those who do not live close to family.

So, what did Jamie and I do on our night off? Nada. Actually, we had plans to go the temple but Jamie did not feel well so I went to the local Redbox to rent a movie. There was nothing I wanted to rent so I finally settled on something I knew Jamie would not be happy about.

“Jamie, it may possibly be classified as a chick flick.”

[Warily] “Why would you say that? What did you rent?”

“Jane Austen’s Book Club.”

I was wrong. It wasn’t a chick flick. It was a chick flick on steroids.

Saturday morning, we retrieved Bode and headed up Eldorado Canyon just outside of Boulder. I have never been to this gorgeous cut of Colorado and we hiked for two hours up Rattlesnake Gulch, relishing views of the verdant Continental Divide.

This was the longest Bode has ever been in the backpack but he was a delight the whole day because 1) He looooves hiking. Well, if you consider hiking to be kicking back and occasionally kicking his mule horse mommy to go faster. 2) With mommy and daddy’s undivided attention, it was confirmed to him that he should have been an only child.

Really, the only downer to the entire weekend was on Friday night as I was driving home after dropping off the kids. I decided to do my annual super soak at the car wash, something I cannot do with Bode because it absolutely terrifies him.

I was distractedly sitting in the car watching the machine lather up my car. When it came to the rinse cycle, I distractedly realized how hot and stuffy I was getting. And what do distracted people do when their car is hot and stuffy? They roll down the window.

Here’s a little tip: if you are ever tempted to roll down the window during a car wash?


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