Though I worked as a columnist for The Denver Post’s $MART section and wrote another column “The Mile High Mama” for the newspaper’s weekly YourHub, I also regularly appear in other media outlets. My print/online coverage has included:

(Woman’s Day magazine)

I frequently make television appearances and am available for-hire to promote family or travel products. I have appeared on:

  • Fox News & Friends, NYC
  • KWGN-TV Channel 2
  • Tom Martino Show
  • Fox 31
  • KOA Radio
  • NBC’s The Marriage Ref (featured couple on the premiere; appeared with Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais and Julianne Moore)



Hi Amber,

I just saw the video and am really stunned. I work with so many bloggers on segments like this all around the country and I never like to compliment anyone above the rest. So many of the bloggers I work with do such a great job and it never seems right to single anyone’s performance out. But, having said that, I have to say that I think this segment was the very best one I have ever had set up, in terms of how you did, how you interacted with the hosts, how the hosts did, how the items were displayed, etc. In particular, the way you talked about the items, showed the items, demonstrated the items, just aced every possible thing I could hope for. I will be honest and say that I have never done as good a job as you did and I’m not sure I would be capable of doing so on my best day. Thank you so much for putting in the effort and care necessary to do such a good job. I hope very much to work with you on other segments in the future. Have a great day, Amber, and thanks again!

-Grant Landis, Amicus Public Relations


9News Halloween treat segment


I just got around to reading your last two blog posts from Vancouver and want to say “thank you” for the shout out and the great work. You are a pro and it was a delight working with you on this project. As I mentioned, we have plans to continue “pimping you out” so stay tuned once the dust settles.

-Anthony Sprauve, Microsoft Office PR & Analyst Relations



I want to say how pleased the client [Johnsonville Sausage] was.  We all think you did a fantastic job. Thanks for putting up with us through the chaos of a segment that came up in a matter of days.

What a pretty set, too. Everything looked awesome!

-Madeline Zenz,  Talk to Current Public Relations