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Happy 17th Birthday, Bode James

Dear Bub, I can’t believe you’re 17 today! We both agree that compared to birthdays past, this milestone isn’t an exciting one…except that you’re one year away from adulting when everything will change. I can’t begin to process what this year has meant. … Read More


Happy Sweet 16 to Bode!

Bode, I can't believe you're 16 today! As I write this, I'm recovering from COVID-19 and even though we're 2.5 years into the pandemic, the rest of you have been miraculously spared. You have just returned from a week-long backpacking trip in the Uinta Mountains for … Read More


Happy 18th Birthday to Hadley!

Prinny! You (we) made it! Eighteen glorious, hard and hilarious years on this earth. One thing’s for sure, you’ve kept us on our toes since before you were even born! When you were still in the womb, Dad told you if you were born (early) the next day, he would buy … Read More

(Sacred Grove, NY)

Happy 15th birthday, Bode!

Johnson Junior, It's tough to believe that 15 years ago, I had a pretty easy delivery with an easy-going kid. Really, the tough one was your father on your birth-day, whom I had to send home after you were born because he was so so so so sick and was "useless to me." … Read More

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A wildfire, an evacuation and a Grand Canyon adventure up in flames

COVID-19 has not been fun for anyone. A few of our highlights: I commemorated the one-year passing of my mother's death, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer (and I'm unable to cross the Canadian border to aid in his recovery from … Read More


The New Now

Remember: This pandemic is not the “new normal,” this is just the “new now.” Thirteen-year-old Bode has always been a deeply intuitive child. On Friday, he taught us an important lesson on perspective during our little graveside … Read More

eighth grade

The 8th grader, the sophomore and the crazy summer

OK, this summer was a wash for blogging and pretty much staying on top of my life. The fact that, just two posts ago, I was talking about the last day of school and only wrote once for Bode's birthday should tell you something. Soooooo … Read More

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