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Relationship Dynamics

Fifteen years ago, the Pumpkin Man and I were married in the Denver LDS Temple for time and eternity. Every marriage has ups and downs but the challenges we've have been faced with the last couple of years have been staggering. The last month has been particularly … Read More


The bobsled and my ride of death

As you're watching the track events at the Olympics, here's a bit of perspective for you. Eight years ago, I rode the bobsled in what I later called "the position of death" and it was craaaazy. Not because of the speed but due to a little thing call G-force. For this … Read More


It’s the most wonderful time of (every four) years

There's nothing quite like the Winter Olympics! My Facebook feed has been flooded with wonderful memories just prior to my departure to Vancouver. This is what I was doing eight years ago today: On the eve of my departure to the Olympics, Kaylene brought me just what … Read More


The one-legged gingerbread man

Things have been a bit serious on this blog lately so lest you're worried we've become saints, I assure you we're still as cantankerous as ever. Following our friend Porter's ski accident, I was at a loss as to what we could do to help while the ambulance whisked … Read More

Awesome Family Travel Ideas


Family travel: Central California’s Untouched Grandeur

I've been busy wrapping up an article about our trip to Central California for fall break. It truly was a breath of fresh air after what feels like a year of non-stop stress. Not-so airy? The long drive to get there. Las Vegas is my … Read More


Oh Canada: The Lakehouse

Though we love our annual trip to Lake Okanagan, a week-long stay is a bit too long for me (disclaimer: I start to get the most antsy when it is 100+ degrees, which isn't super fun when the house is sweltering). However this year we only … Read More


A Return to Colorado: Jet Boat Colorado Edition

I wouldn’t say I “feel the need for speed” but as we raced across the Colorado River with Jet Boat Colorado, I sure did like it. A lot.  I had never heard of jet boating until a friend went to New Zealand last year and posted a … Read More

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