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Has it really been a couple of weeks since I last posted? Ambruary was a sore disappointment with a lot of stress and rain but thankfully we had a brief return to winter last week with a glorious dump of snow. Even though I usually dread March's warmer temps and … Read More


Hap Hap Happenings

Our busy winter season is sadly winding down and I've been trying to hold on for as long as possible. Here are are few of our happenings: All of our glorious snow is almost gone. In Ambruary. In the mountains, spring is replaced by a not-so glorious mud season … Read More


The Anti-Ladies’ Man

For as long as I can remember, Bode has been really nervous around girls. Watch kissing on TV? Forget it. Tease him about the hotties in his class? That kid turns the color of hot tamales. As we were working on his valentines for his class party (that I'm somehow in … Read More


My Husband: The Romantic

To be fair, Jamie can be a romantic, thoughtful guy and there was full disclosure before we got married that he hates to do dishes. In fact, his friend Carolyn was so disgusted with his kitchen that she would regularly clean it for him. I also happen to be OCD about the … Read More

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Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

I watched as Hadley brazenly stepped into the Wolf Tail launch pad at Great Wolf Lodge. This was a slide unlike any I'd ever witnessed. She followed the staffer's instructions to cross her arms and legs and wait for the countdown. Then just … Read More


The Broadmoor’s Bliss: Part 1,205

We first went to AAA Five-Diamond The Broadmoor when the kids were ages 3 and 1. Almost a decade later, we still can't get enough and it's truly our favorite Colorado vacation. When The Broadmoor Magazine's editor gave me my latest … Read More


Monarch Mountain: A perfect family ski vacation

I learned to ski on a tiny two-lift hill within Calgary, Canada’s city limits. As much as I love exploring large ski areas, I feel drawn to these smaller homegrown resorts that are solely about the skiing without the pomp, circumstance … Read More

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