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What a difference a year makes

Last week was rough. Though I'm grateful Mile High Mamas continues to be a popular Colorado resource, it's disheartening to be constantly reminded of what I'm missing. I've been working on a Denver summer activity guide and I'm mourning the loss of all my favorite … Read More

Pre-race jitters

Off to the Races!

When Bode turns 11 in July, he will officially enter Boy Scouts which means one thing: he only has one more Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts. Now to give you perspective, Bode comes from the Mercedes of Pinewood Derby families. Grandpa Duane was renowned throughout Colorado … Read More


The real nightmare of showing your kids horror movies

Them gem was written two years ago and still in the draft folder.  My kiddos are turning 9 and 11 and both have been begging me to watch scarier movies. After all, they've overcome the trauma of the Wizard of Oz's flying monkeys, so they should be ready for The … Read More


Bode’s first race

Another one from the draft folder, dated Oct. 12, 2015.  Our elementary school has a cross-country team for grades 4-6. I really wanted my daughter Hadley to join because she's a talented runner but she was reluctant, citing she's more of a sprint and … Read More

Awesome Family Travel Ideas


Maximum Interlodge at Alta Ski Area

My family was first invited to Alta Ski Area when we lived in Colorado. Though we tried to visit during Spring Break last year, we couldn't coordinate our schedule so just opted to visit after our move. It would take several months of … Read More


Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

I watched as Hadley brazenly stepped into the Wolf Tail launch pad at Great Wolf Lodge. This was a slide unlike any I'd ever witnessed. She followed the staffer's instructions to cross her arms and legs and wait for the countdown. Then just … Read More


The Broadmoor’s Bliss: Part 1,205

We first went to AAA Five-Diamond The Broadmoor when the kids were ages 3 and 1. Almost a decade later, we still can't get enough and it's truly our favorite Colorado vacation. When The Broadmoor Magazine's editor gave me my latest … Read More

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