A Husband’s Defence

Let me get something straight: I am madly in love with my husband. He is thoughtful, caring, spiritual, successful, intelligent and hard working. I would never use my blog as a venting outlet against him. I don’t have to; I am rarely angry or even frustrated with him. Yep, he is just that nice and easy going.

However, he is also The King of One-Liners. You wouldn’t suspect such a killer sense of humor upon meeting him. But in time, hilarity and sarcasm seep out. Hilarity that keeps me laughing every day. Those one-liners have been a major source of my blogging content. Truthful content. With no intent to harm or slander.

That said, I am incredulous that yesterday’s post about milking m@mmaries inspired him to start his own blog. A blog in defence of husbands everywhere. A blog that “Exposes the Truth Behind the Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck.” http://crazycanucktruth.blogspot.com/

And so all I can say is this: proceed with caution. And to my beloved Hunky Hubby, I say this:

When I ask you to load the clothes in the dryer, I also assume you will know that includes actually turning the dryer on as well.

Let the games begin,

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