Annual Crafting Extravaganza Causes Annual Ulcer

Public voting has ended for my bid to blog at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Microsoft will take the top three finalists and make the ultimate decision in the next few weeks. I cannot thank you enough for the immeasurable amount of support and encouragement you have given me! Regardless of the outcome, I have been thrilled to be a part of it and am grateful so many of you have come along for the ride.

Which has been considerably more rewarding and less suicidal than that crazy skeleton.

Thanks again! And now, back to my regularly-scheduled post….


It’s the time of year again that my husband Jamie dreads. That time when I become delusional and somehow forget that I cannot do crafts. That I have never been able to do crafts and I never will be able to do crafts.

Every fall, the female members of my church gather for Super Saturday (or Fabulous Friday) in an event that can only be described as Martha Stewart on Steroids.

This year, the classes included photography, dutch oven, bread making and fondue classes, Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts, 72-hour kits and general miscellaneous sessions perfectly constructed to send me over the edge.

With visions of grandeur, I signed up to make READ ON

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