Be Brave

I first saw Sara Bareilles’ video Brave over a month ago and started doing the big, ugly cry because I loved the message so, so much.  I see my kiddos being brave every day–from Hadley going to a week-long camp to Bode flying to Utah last week. Childhood is about exploration, self-discovery and pushing limits. But then something happens in adulthood: routines and complacency.

I was talking to a friend last week and she joked her life is boring…just how she likes it.  And she does. I’d personally want to whither and die if my life was boring but she’d have an ulcer if she walked a day in my shoes; what works for her definitely would not be for me. But bravery is something we all could need a lot more of, whether they’re big or little things. I can think of a dozen things I’d love to try but haven’t.

This song and video inspired me to be and try more. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

Click the link here if you can’t watch it.

And then pick just one thing you’ve going to BE BRAVE about today.

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