Birthday Wrap

One of the great things about having your birthday party on a different day than your actual birthday is you get multiple opportunities to party. That was definitely the case with Bode.

Friday was his actual birthday party and on Saturday, we went to see Toy Story 3.

And yes, I wept like a baby at the end.

Anyone who doesn’t does not have a soul.

That night, we joined many of our church friends at our favorite picnic and hiking areas, Lair ‘o the Bear. The temperature was 102 degrees that day so the kids cooled down by playing the creek and we roasted hot dogs and s’mores as the weather cooled to a brisk 85 degrees.

And yes, I did just say that 85 degrees was “brisk.” The relentless summer heat is making this Canuck soft.

Bode’s actual birthday was on Sunday and we played games, watched movies and had a fun family dinner. That night as we were saying our prayers, I suggested we each say something we love about him.

Now, here is a bit of background. Hadley isn’t exactly the sentimental type and we’re currently enduring a bad-attitude phase that is making me prep my sack cloth and ashes mourning gear for when her hormones really kick in during The Teenage Years.

Just last night she threw such a fit on a family bike ride that Jamie turned around and took her home. Bode and I continued to the playground where he gleefully pranced around and belted out, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”

I could not have had two more different kids if I tried.

Anyway, back to our professions of love on Bode’s birthday.

Jamie loves that Bode is kind.

I love that he is sweet and thoughtful.

We all held our breath when it came to Hadley’s turn.

“What do I love about Bode?” she contemplated. And then her face lit up. “I love that he got Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Kart for his birthday!”

At least the girl is never out of character.

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