Comparison Shopping

Thank you for all the well wishes for my dear dad. He is finally hiccup-free and out of the hospital. We will not know the prognosis until he meets with the oncologist next month but we are staying positive!

On Saturday night, my in-laws invited us over for dinner and I volunteered to bring dessert. Jamie and I had spent $50 at a speciality spice shop earlier that day and I had splurged on Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon – something that I am sure is in every single one of your cupboards.


Wanting to showcase my exotic spice, I opted to make cinnamon rolls. The problem was I had only an hour to do it but figured I would just mix the dough and let it rise during dinner.

Oh, did I mention I have never actually made cinnamon rolls from scratch? And that I chose the most involved recipe ever created? These are important distinctions.

Also important is that I should never be permitted to do anything when under duress because ugly things happen. Too ugly to share. Including the cinnamon rolls that I had to replace with gingerbread.

I hate to fail at anything and so I awoke at the crack of dawn the next day for attempt #2. All was going well…until they didn’t rise correctly and a myriad of other problems.

As they cooked, Jamie sluggishly came down the stairs. I needed some positive reinforcement from him.

“Hey Jamie. Did your mom ever make cinnamon rolls?” (Secretly hoping she didn’t).

“Sure, she made the best ones ever. “

“Oh. Well, just don’t compare these to your mom’s.”

He looked at them skeptically before replying, “I wouldn’t worry, Amber. I am sure there will be no comparison.”

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