Does obsessing about not obsessing make you an obsessor?

I’m usually a busy gal but the next two weeks, I’ll be drowning. Last week, I barely survived a gubernatorial forum I helped coordinate (details at Mile High Mamas today)
(Some of my fellow bloggers and me hanging out with Dan Maes, Republican candidate for governor.)

Tomorrow, my in-laws are coming into town for a week. The reason? It’s the big Pumpkin Party on Friday and weigh-off on Saturday. I’m doing a contest at Mile High Mamas: guess the Great Pumpkin’s weight. The closest person will win 10 tickets to Elitch Garden’s Fright Fest. If you’re not local, I have a $25 Target gift card up for grabs.

It’s taking a lot of self-control not to use that one for myself.

Add the pumpkin chaos to that fact we’ll be juggling both kids’ soccer games, preview night at acclaimed Cavalia, a quickie trip to California next week and oh, did I mention my in-laws are in town?

Good times!

I still haven’t had time to address my Asian spammer problem in my comment section so that still remains temporarily closed. Facebook has provided a fabulous avenue for friend/reader feedback but little did I know, last week would produce a doozy by my simple status update:

Does the fact I’m obsessing over not obsessing that Jamie put the toilet paper roll on backwards mean that I am, in actuality, obsessing?

Seem like a (un)reasonable question, right? Let me clarify something for those of you who are poisoning this world with your incorrect practices.

The right way:
The wrong way:

Read the responses it solicited.

-Aubrey yes. haha.
- Paul Not at all, no normal person does that.
-Steve Which way is backwards? Over or under?
-Tami LOL! That drives me insane! Except the last time it was put on backwards, my 5 year old put it on. Suddenly, it was incredibly cute to have the toilet paper roll on backwards.
-Mona uhhhmm NO!! :)
-Shana Backwards? My mom and brother used to argue about the ‘proper’ way to put toilet paper on the the holder. My answer: “it is bum-wipe. Who cares??”
-Me Backwards is under, of course!
-Dori It HAS to go over, definitely!
-Chris Haha! I’ve posted about the same thing – so no, you’re not obsessing. ;-)
And that’s right, backwards is UNDER! Danny puts it on that way every time, and I immediately turn it over, every time. We’ll probably still be doing it when we’re 100
Stacey There is nothing wrong with obsessing about some things – the toilet paper roll being on backwards (or under) will cause me to lose sleep!
-Cheryl I even will turn the toilet paper over in other people’s homes. But I don’t obsess.
-Dori That is hilarious, Cheryl!!! I’m glad you’re not the obsessive type! LOL.
-Kellie LOL – one of my kids put it on backwards last week and I had to tie my hands down to keep from switching it to the “right” way.
-David Having traveled extensively, I now realize there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who prefer toilet paper “over the top” and those who do it wrong.
-Keith Did you actually change it? There is an easy way to stop the obsession. Just get the kind of toilet paper holder that is like a hook where you can slide the roll on and off so it’s an easy fix and is never a big deal.
-Me I did not change it. Doing so would be like admitting I have a problem. :)
-Lori Amber sweety… It’s OK. I don’t want your brain to break!
-David Amber, changing it simply means Jamie has a problem and you are fixing it.
-Paul No, Amber, you would be FIXING the problem.
-Camille This is also a pet peeve at our house.
-Kaylene Which way is backwards? That is the question of the day? My way is always backwards to most of the world. Luckily Mark and I are the same when it comes to this issue.
-Shana Oh…….. this whole thing is SOOOOOOOOO funny
-Lisa After obsessing on this for a while, I would say… yes.
-Kaylene I started doing it with the paper coming out from under because then my kiddos couldn’t start running through the house with it coming off the top. I never returned to the normal way. I am doomed.
- David I vote we all get together and TP Kaylene’s house because she is one of “them”. jk.
-Kaylene I could use a year’s supply…
-Jen Hey, at least he puts it on! Never happens here!
-Me Don’t worry, Kaylene. We’ll just sent Cheryl over to your house. As she’s already confessed, she changes other people’s TP rolls, too.


It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who needs OCD therapy.

I ♥ my friends!

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