Fight Club by Night?

Last week, we switched Bode out of his crib into a bed. We probably could have done it earlier but frankly, why would we if he seemed perfectly content in his four-walled prison?

I was not so worried about him trying to sneak out and conquer the world at midnight like Hadley did. What I was worried about is he is a wild sleeper and flails around in all directions. I should know. I slept with him at Delta Lodge Kananaskis in Canada. Or rather, he slept whilst using me as his punching bag.

We don’t have a rail on his bed but propped up some pillows to prevent him from falling. We talked up the “big-boy bed” and I think he was just a wee bit excited.

And so were we. His transition was seamless and best of all, he has yet to realize he can get out by himself so he patiently waits for me every morning.

I’m not telling him otherwise.

But then we woke up to this on Sunday morning:

You should see the other guy.

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