Gorgoza Park’s Rain, Tubing and Miniature Snowmobiles, Oh My!

One of the highlights of our visits to Park City is Gorgoza Park’s flood-lit, lift-serviced tubing hill. Though prices aren’t cheap (a two-hour adult ticket is $22), I guarantee it is among the most fun thrill-seeking families can ever have.

Our visit did not start well. Prior to departure, Bode’s ski jacket was MIA and I feared we’d left it at ski school. When Jamie uncovered it hiding in the back bedroom, we were then faced with a new obstacle: it started raining. At a ski resort. You know, where is is supposed to snow.

We comforted ourselves by saying that mean it was likely snowing at the higher elevations (which it didn’t) and went on our merry way.

We were soaked to the core but had our most fun adventure ever. Usually the chutes are icy (read: suicidally fast) but allegedly the rain slowed them down considerably.

I didn’t notice–I was still thoroughly freaked out.

The kids were ecstatic to also try out Gorgoza Park’s miniature snowmobiles for the first time. The oval course is designed for kiddos ages 5-12 and it’s a mere $10 for 10 laps.

Is it just me or do they look hardcore?

Though they ended up tearing around that course at top speeds (which, thanks to the “governor” device the resort installed, they only went a maximum of 10 mph), it was pretty darn hilarious when they started out. I knew there would be hiccups. Though we live in a neighborhood where every other kid has a motorized four-wheeler, we’ve purposely kept our toys human-powered.

Which meant my kiddos looked pretty darn inept the first few laps.

I’d post the video but I shot it sideways.

(Insert apple doesn’t fall far from the tree comment).

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