Great Canadian Road Trip Leg 2:Utah to Boise

I’m not one of those people who stops at every roadside historic marker but I’m always delighted to stumble upon local treasures. That is exactly what we found at the Sublet Fuel Stop off exit 245 on I-84 in Idaho. First, there were the alpacas outside of the gas station.

Then the baby rattlers inside the door.
Caged, thank goodness.

Then there was the sign “Beware of Bats” as we entered the bathroom. After what we’d already seen I braced myself for some flying mammals but chuckled when I saw this:

A baseball bat.

The proprietor had a warped sense of humor.

We were originally going to stay in Rexburg but my friend Jason bailed at the last-minute so we rerouted to Boise. My friend Kiersten (a former radio hottie from my days on the airwaves) met us at a playground for a couple of hours and then the kids and I stayed with my friend Katie, her husband Wayne and their four beautiful daughters. Haddie and Bode had a BLAST and I loved reconnecting with my dear friend.

“Soeur (Sister) Ingy” and I were LDS missionary companions in Bienne, a little village in the heart of Switzerland. We had only been on our missions for a few months when we were put together and forced to fend for ourselves with our faltering francais. Soeur Ingy was the ying to my yang. She spoke really softly and was super sweet. I was…not. But one day, I was bellowing out my favorite song about prayer “He Hears Me” for the thousandth time when Katie interjected:

“Yes, and so does everyone else, Soeur.”

This sweet Idaho girl was (and still is) a force to be reckoned with.

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