Happy Birthday to Maman!

It’s been a big week at the Borowski house!

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, it’s my mom’s birthday today and my brother Jade is getting married next week.  Normally we’re in Calgary by now but Hadley is at Young Women Girl’s Camp until Saturday so the kids and I are driving north on Sunday (yes, I’m dreading the 13+ hour drive by myself); Jamie will fly out later to join us for the wedding.

It’s been a tough year for my mom. Her MS has increased to the degree she has no quality of life and sleeps most of the time. Most of my contact has been with my dad because she can’t hear very well and is no longer very coherent.  This is the first summer she won’t make it to the lakehouse because she can’t travel anymore.  I miss her everyday and really miss my kids never knowing the dynamic, funny, talented, glamorous spitfire that I’m proud to call my mom.

One of my favorite funny memories of her was when I was about Bode’s age and there was a traveling carnival in the Deer Run mall’s parking lot. We decided to go on a few of the carnival rides including one called “Rock ‘n Roll.” As we boarded the cages, we thought we were in for a nice rocking and rolling back and forth but unbeknownst to us, it actually rolled upside-down….and kept rolling. (Hence the aptly named Rock ‘n Roll). My mom hates rides like that and she had neglected to zip up her purse so its contents were flying all over the place, along with her steady stream of obscenities while I laughed the entire time. Ahhhh, good times.

Happy birthday, Maman and we can’t wait to see you next week!




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