How Jamie was on a roll (and in the doghouse)

When you’re in the car driving for 20 hours, you tend to get a bit punchy and everything becomes hilarious.

As we waited at the U.S.-Canadian border, I mindlessly challenged Jamie to a thumb war and he beat me.

“In my neck of the woods,” he announced, “We call these the ‘BORDER WARS.’”

The kids then started chanting “U.S.A, U.S.A.”

Watching the Olympics could get ugly next week.


I’m terrible with a map and have zero sense of direction. That said, I did rather well with the GPS on my phone during this trip and started boasting about it to Jamie.

“Maybe I’m not so bad with directions. I think I can do the ‘Amazing Race’ after all.”

“Amber, if you were to do the ‘Amazing Race,’ they’d have to rename the show ‘LOST.’”

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