Humilation: Just a Click Away

My first real job after college was working as a publicist for a popular ski resort in Utah. One would think it was the perfect fit for an outdoor-loving gal such as myself: free skiing, gorgeous views from my office, freebies galore. I even dated two journalists I met whilst shmoozing them for Media Day on the slopes. After all, what better way to get press coverage than to date the press, y’know?

Overall, I’d say I did a great job (of working, not dating) and learned a lot. However, there were a few glitches along the way, one of which happened shortly after I started. One of my jobs as publicist was to send out a weekly press release detailing all the events at the resort. I had the entire corporation and several media outlets on my email list. Meaning: lots of people.

So, imagine how devastated I was when I made a grave error in one of my mailings. To this day, I have blocked out what the screw-up was but just know it was BIG. To rectify the situation, I immediately sent out another one with a correction. Or rather, an incorrection. I got it wrong the &*#*$ second time as well. By the third try, I was so humiliated I wanted to hide my head under a rock and not emerge until I saw my shadow. I mean, it works for that stupid Groundhog every spring, right?

You’d think I learned my lesson to be careful with the whole email thing but nooooo. My latest screw-up was last week. With Jamie’s new boss, Pam, of all people.

She sent an email to the various directors of the company inviting them to an Oktoberfest celebration on Tuesday night. Jamie, in turn, forwarded it to me so I could take note that he would be getting home late that evening.

In a perfect world and any email account other than my STUPID gmail account, when I pressed “reply,” it would send my response back to Jamie. Welp, not gmail. I wrote some snide/sarcastic comment about the big invite being from THE Pam and sent it off. Only to realize the second I pressed the “send” button that it had surpassed my dear husband was sitting in his new boss’s Inbox. Smooth.

That whole promotion thing? It was good while it lasted.

P.S. I won’t get into the sordid details, like how Jamie had to bribe her assistant to delete it off before Pam saw it. Just know if we see some changes in Jamie’s employment over these next weeks that I had nothing to do with it.

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