In Honor of Easter, Haddie discloses revealing details into the daily life of Jesus

There are very few topics that are off-limits at our house since we had Hadley. One of her favorite subjects is the potty. Or more specifically, everyone else’s bathroom habits.

H: “Grandma–poopy?”
Me: “Yes, Hadley.”
H: “Uncle Chris–poopy?”
Me: “Yes, Hadley.” And I then explain how they go in the big-boy and big-girl potty.

She is particularly fascinated by Jamie’s bathroom habits, primarily because he doesn’t allow her in the bathroom while he does his business; he says he doesn’t want to “confuse her.” Personally, I don’t think it’s fair that I am expected to share audience with her while he is able to blissfully lock himself up and pee in peace. There is something very unsettling about having a toddler observe and imitate your every move during your most ….errr..vulnerable moments.

On a related subject (and believe me, this does relate), one of my favorite stories in scripture is when Jesus lovingly washed the feet of his apostles during The Last Supper. This passage has so resonated with me over the years that when I did a study abroad in Jerusalem and spotted a beautiful olive-wood carving of this scene, I promptly bought it. I keep this little statue in our den and have treasured it over the years.

Recently, Hadley and I were playing in the den when she looked up the carving and delightfully exclaimed, “Jesus!” I was pleasantly surprised she recognized him from the rendering because I have never before pointed it out to her. Just as I was about ready to expound upon the doctrines of the passage befitting to a 2-year-old, Haddie said it all:


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to view that statue in the same light again.

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