Jamie on how NOT to give gifts

Jamie gets a fair amount of fabulous swag from work. The other day, he came home with some cool outdoor-wear for which he only paid a nominal fee. He even thought of me during his little shopping spree.

“Look Amber, I got you this new black fleece.”
“No, I couldn’t possibly. I stole your other one that looks just like it.”

“Yeah, but I got you this year’s design.”

“All the more reason I can’t accept it. I’ll just keep the one from last year. You take the new one.”

“But I bought it for you!”

“I can’t accept it.”

“Look Woman, why would I want this piece-of-crap fleece when I’ve got my own top-of-the-line Polartec 300 Series water-resistant jacket?”

Gee. When you put it that way….

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