Jamie’s Heart Condition Update

Thanks for all the concerned emails, Facebook comments and phone calls. To say the past 72 hours have been absolute chaos would be an understatement.

Jamie went to the doctor on Monday anticipating some routine testing but before he knew it, he was admitted to the hospital and they were going full-throttle for a diagnosis and treatment.

After numerous procedures, the cardiologist ascertained there is significant damage to Jamie’s left and central arteries that was caused by his cancer radiation treatments. This has resulted in 70% blockage and the resulting pain.

Options were bypass surgery, which the doc was reluctant to do because of Jamie’s age (big chance of having to redo it in 10-15 years) and risks associated with the damage the radiation has caused.

The temporary solution is he underwent another less invasive surgery to install stints to open up the blockage. They were not able to access all the problem areas without doing bypass surgery but they hope this process, along with blood thinning medication, will help alleviate the problem.

He’s still in the hospital recovering from his surgery and he wasn’t very lucid when I left. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers!

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