Leap Year ’12 Time Capsule (and Evidence I Suck at Math)

I instituted a new Leap Year family tradition yesterday: we made a time capsule for us to open when the next Leap Year rolls around.

The only other time I’ve done a time capsule was when I was 16. I must have been inspired by a Young Women’s lesson at church to journal my life so I went home and made a very serious tape.

At least it seemed serious until I opened it 10 years later when I was 26 and was mortified at how ridiculous I sounded saying “rad” every other word.

It was, after all, the ’80s.

I’ve since gotten over that and really wish I could find that tape for my posterity to mock.

This time around, I had everyone in the family answer a questionnaire with the following:

Name and age

Favorite food


Favorite subject

Favorite things to do

What I’m looking forward to this year.

What do you want to be doing in 4 years?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I threw in a newspaper with today’s headlines, the entertainment section detailing current movies and some drawings and mementos from the kids. When we asked The Pumpkin Man how he wanted to commemorate February 2012, we put a pumpkin seed in the time capsule.

Here’s for hoping that hobby will be long forgotten by the time we open it.

Then, we sealed it up tight and put a bold, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 2016. (Apologies for the sideways picture; can’t get it to rotate.)

OK, truth be told the reason the letters are in bold is because I originally wrote 2014.

Turns out 2012+4….well, here’s for hoping you know the answer.

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