Lord of the Flies

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR DAD who is truly the most honorable, supportive, tolerant and kind man I know!!!

Picture: crab hunting with my brothers and Jamie in the Outer Banks last summer. Don’t judge them for their matching shirts.

Though I did.


It’s been a busy travel month for sure. Almost immediately after I left town on Friday, Jamie contracted Haddie’s bug and spent the weekend miserable in bed.

I started feeling it Saturday on Park City Mountain Resort’s slopes.

It wasn’t pretty for either of us, especially for me when I got stuck in Salt Lake City’s airport last night due to fog. This picture taken by my friend Barb when we FINALLY boarded a different airplane ’bout sums up how I was feeling.

She claimed she was going to sue Delta Airlines if I got her sick during our airport fiasco.

Usually when I return home from a trip, Jamie does an amazing job cleaning the house but I had low expectations this time around. I knew he was in survival mode and had to let the kids run wild watching movies and messing up the house while he rested.

For once, my expectations were met.

Thankfully, the kids were good sports and were great at entertaining themselves even though the house fell victim to their exploits. Or, as Jamie said,

“At first, they loved the total anarchy but after a while even that got old.”

Anyone want to guess how I’ll be spending my day?….

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