Mommy Blogger Does Groundhog Day

You will not see me praising the inauguration festivities. Of course, I recognize and laud the historic nature of it all. But I do not agree with the millions of dollars being dumped into it when our country is in a recession and so many are out of work. President Roosevelt canceled both of his inaugural balls. While I do not expect such extreme measures, I do expect some fiscal measures to be in place and that certainly ain’t happening. Celebrations? Yes! Extravagance? No!

Phew–glad I got that I got that off my chest! Have you ever have one of those weeks where you get kicked in the gut and it becomes a reoccurring Groundhog Day when all you want to do is just shoot the little bugger to make him stop. Or at least stick a hose in the gopher hole, crank the water and drown them all out.

I have not always been the angel you see before you.

In my defense, my bestestest friend Stacey made me do it.

Hurricane Hadley got sick last week. Really sick. As in almost-took-her-to-the-ER kind of sick. Anyone who has ever dealt with this knows you become even more of an indentured servant than usual.

“Mommy, get a me a Kleenex. No, not from that Kleenex box.”

“Mommy, you put approximately 1 ml of extra water in my orange juice so as to completely dilute it. MAKE IT AGAIN.”

“Mommy, if I can’t sleep, NO ONE ELSE CAN!”

Jamie and I battled a sore throat through it all but fortunately never got really succumbed. She stayed home from preschool the entire week and if you have ever seen a Hurricane sequestered indoors, you can imagine the condition of our home…and emotional state.

Jamie and I did manage to sneak out to go to a movie one afternoon. I appreciated your suggestions, though my non-scientific findings ascertained that mothers with young children rarely see any movie that does not have talking animals.

We opted for the Nazis.

And Valkyrie was just what the doctor ordered. Maybe because it was a reminder that people’s lives sucked way more than ours.

I thought Tom Cruise did a great job and unlike many people, I do not harbor ill-feelings about his past behavior. Mostly because if I only saw movies starring people I respected in Hollywood, I would never go. Personally, I would be flattered if Jamie jumped on a couch for me on Oprah.

Then again, remember this little poll I took about whether to allow him to grow worms in our basement? Well, checkout this little diddy he just confessed on his infamous pumpkin blog.

Maybe a hosing down may be in order after all.

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