New Year’s Resolution Failure

2011 was a rough year medically for Jamie. If it wasn’t his heart problems, he had a constant barrage of rheumatism attacks, resulting in many sleepless and painful nights.

Between his unrelenting work schedule, bad health and The Great Pumpkin, I felt like a single mom for much of last year. Sunday (New Year’s Day), he went home from church early due to stomach pains. When the kids and I returned home and I saw him doubled over on the couch, I sympathetically proposed a solution.

“I’ll tell you what, Jamie. How about for 2012 you make the resolution to STOP BEING SICK?”

Pause…before I continued.

“Oh wait. It’s January 1 and you’ve already broken that resolution.”

Here’s for hoping (and praying) for a better year for him.

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