One of the many reasons I love my dad

It finally feels like Fall in Colorado and after a long, hot summer this is the time of year I enjoy the most. Well, with the exception of winter’s glorious snow. And who doesn’t love spring blossoms?

OK, mostly I just hate summer’s heat.

As a part of my physical therapy, I’ve been trying to bike daily. Though I don’t yet feel I’m ready to hike, my knee is getting stronger every day. Yesterday, I biked for over an hour and was delighted, upon summiting a large hill on the Ralston Creek Trail, to have a vantage point of two gorgeous lakes.

But even better was I actually passed a young dude on the trail, evidence I’m finally gaining some speed. “This is the stretch that always gets me,” he mumbled as an excuse. “Yeah, me too!” I breathed as I raced by.

Or not.

Dear ol’ dad posted the following as his Facebook status last weekend:

Passed these two teenagers pushing their mountain bikes up the Southland Drive hill.

’70-year-old guy passing on your left,’ said I.

‘Heh, heh,’ said they in obvious humiliation.

Just in case you’re wondering where I get “it” from.

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