Our home’s crime scene

We’re the lazy people on our newspaper carrier’s route who request that he delivers our paper to our porch.

It’s our nice way of not flashing our neighbors in our skivvies every morning by walking out to the driveway.

Either our carrier has been slacking the last couple of weeks or we have a rookie because our newspaper has not be porched, but rather “sidewalked.” Meaning, he only makes it as far as the sidewalk in front of our porch. This has only resulted in minor public exhibitions but didn’t seem like a big enough issue to complain about.

Until the dude took out our pathway light.

Jamie: “Amber, please come outside.”
Me: “OK, what?”
Jamie: “Did you or the children do this (pointing to the broken light).”
Me: “Nope.”
Sherlock Jamie: “Just as I suspected.”

He then started taking photographs.

Me: “What are you doing?”
Jamie: “Taking pictures to send to the newspaper’s circulation department as evidence. You will notice that the angle which the light was broken off corresponds perfectly with where the newspaper landed behind the rose bush. We have our man.”

C.S.I., watch out.

Or at least poor, lazy newspaper carrier.

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