Prayers for my Mom

I generally try to keep things light-hearted around here but we’ve been struggling with some serious issues the last couple of weeks. Namely: my mom’s health. MS is an unrelenting beast, a war my mom has waged for a few decades. The week before Christmas, she got an infection so severe she couldn’t keep anything down and was hospitalized. I almost changed our holiday plans and booked flights home but Dad assured me she was getting better.

She stabilized but then she got worse again. Now, she has been hospitalized for the third time in 10 days as they try to figure out if this is it or if this is the new normal.There are so many unanswered questions and I’m so grateful for my dad, family and doctors who are trying to help. It has been tough being so far away and I regret we didn’t go home for the holidays. Thanks to all those friends and family who’ve reached out to me these past weeks. She is beloved by many.

Last night as my own little family read Calvin and Hobbes (Jamie’s new nightly ritual), scriptures, prayed and wrestled, I snapped this shot, which perfectly captured the simple joys of being together.

Family is everything and right now, I’m praying for ours.




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