Pumpkin Lovers Unite (and indulge in my recipes)

With Halloween upon us, my family is in the throes of Everything Pumpkin. While Jamie may be obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin, I am consumed with eating it.

I’ve always liked pumpkin pie but my obsession did not begin until I was pregnant with my daughter. Mid-October, I called home to my Canadian family as they were enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Without me. The nerve.

When my mom mentioned they were eating pumpkin pie, it was then something ugly was triggered in that pregnant lady brain. It’s tough to decipher but it was along the lines of this: Must. Eat. Pumpkin. NOW!

And I did. That very next day, my mother-in-law brought home one of Costco’s glorious pumpkin pies and it was gone within 48 hours.

I don’t even remember chewing; I think I must have inhaled it.

She shall hereby be known as The Enabler.

Most crazy pregnant ladies overcome their cravings but mine never went away. Fall is a trigger for eating pumpkin and my poor family has endured pretty much every pumpkin dish you can imagine.

Think I’m joking? I have made READ ON

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