Snow Days: Denver Style

I have a conflicted relationship with Snow Days. On the one hand, I think they’re ridiculous. I grew up in Canada with seven feet of snow and do you think school was ever canceled? No way! In a place like Colorado, I’d assume people wouldn’t freak out when the snow flies but that’s exactly what happens. And they expect school to be canceled every time.

We’ve had a few minor storms this year but finally, FINALLY we received accumulations more than a few inches and school was canceled, which I fully supported because there was enough snow for us to actually play in it. Since I don’t sleep, I was awake when the school notified us at 5 a.m. I snuck into the kids’ bedrooms to turn off their alarm clocks. Their reactions when they woke up were indicative of their personalities.

7:45 a.m. Hadley strolls into my bedroom. “School is canceled today,” I announced. “Oh, good,” she leisurely announced, not worried at all she’d slept through her alarm.

8:30 a.m. Panicked Bode races in, “I SLEPT IN!!!!!!!!”

Ying. Yang.

We spent the morning snugged up in our PJs, made ebelskivers for breakfast and the kids played video games while I worked. That afternoon, Alex and Nicky came over for some good old-fashioned fort and slide building while I spent a couple of hours shoveling our walk, as well as our neighbor’s. Because have I mentioned I really really love snow?! This was topped off by making gingerbread men and a hot chocolate competition. If this is what snow days are all about, I’m all in for an eternal winter.

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