So long, farewell (2012) and hello to 2013!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs

I’m not into resolutions, primarily because I rarely stick to them. I am, however into goals and always have big ambitious for my family and myself. 2012 was not amazing like 2010. It was not horrible like 2011. But it was just pretty darn good. We had great travels, great professional opportunities and great times.

We are sitting down as a family to discuss our goals for fostering our relationships but here are a few personal areas I would like to improve.

Travel less, save more. I know, I know–people usually resolve to travel more but between Disney World and Disneyland (in addition to all our other trips), it’s time to button down the hatches and start saving. We’re not materialistic people who care about fancy clothes, houses or cars (just ask my 10-year-old Honda Pilot) but travel is definitely my weakness. We need to put a sound financial plan in place and do better at balancing it all.

Spiritual well-being. 2012 was pretty good but could be better. Though we’re dedicated to daily family scripture study and prayer, I’ve resolved to delve into my own studies and reconnect with my passion: Middle Eastern study. First item of business–pour through all my old journals and notes from my study abroad at BYU Jerusalem.

Jamie’s health. Though we didn’t have any hospital visits (praise, hallelujah!), he continues to have debilitating rheumatism attacks and, of course, his heart issues are omnipresent. Top priority will be to research alternative treatments and nutrition plans and do something about it.

Make more money. That sounds kind of greedy but at a recent conference I realized I have built a great brand, have a lot of great connections and now it is time to start asking for what I am worth. A friend helped me realize how much I have been undervaluing myself. This will go hand-in-hand with savings. If I make more, we can save more.

Get in kick-butt shape. I say it ever year. And every year I mean it. This summer, Jamie and I need to get back on the climbing 14ers bandwagon.

Remember: It’s Not About Me. I’ve lacked patience dealing with some tough people in my life. When I recently had a conversation with The Man Upstairs about a situation I have been placed in for years to help certain frustrating people, I resolved I was done. Tired. And over it. And I received a very powerful, distinct answer: “It’s Not About You.”

Note taken: I need to remember those most difficult to love are the ones who need it the most. If I can remember that, 2013 is already off to a great start.

Happy New Year! And thank you for being part of my family’s life!

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