This post is about the kid. You know – the one who will be FOUR in May – actually pooped in the potty tonight. For those new to this blog, let it be known this is equal unto the pearly gates opening, saving me from the very gates of hell.

We had a looooong laundry list of incentives for when the deed was finally done, including a night out to see Mr. Chuck E. Cheese. The Hurricane was thrilled to dance with the overstuffed mouse and never before has a parent cried out of sheer relief to see The Master Motivator.

I do not know if this was just a fluke and if she will return to her old habits tomorrow. But for now, BROWN cannot do anything for me except find its way to the toilet (thank you very much, ridiculous UPS campaign).

On another note, I jumped on the bandwagon and recently participated in The Great Interview Experiment. I loved the idea of interviewing and being interviewed by someone new. I have yet to hear back from my interviewee (and will post it here) but was interviewed by the lovely Fabricated Goddess, a beautiful, entertaining, crafty Canuck. And by crafty, I mean Maker of Crafts, not wily. Like other [Crazy Bloggin'] Canucks you may know.

Anyhew, come on over and checkout her interview with me. She unearthed a lot of good dirt, including the sordid details of my speedy courtship, Jamie’s laundry list of health problems, my brother’s memorable gift to him for our first Christmas and my life’s mantra.

And it has nothing to do with poop.

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