Take 2: Why Martha Stewart Need Not Be Threatened By Our Domestic Prowess

It’s that time of year again when we forget about the disasters of years past and decide to start anew. Yes friends, it was Grandma’s Second Annual Gingerbread House Making Disaster Night.

I have been forthcoming about my lack of domestic prowess when it comes to crafts. It was confirmed last night this transcends to gingerbread houses as well. It didn’t help I had a 2-year-old on my team, either. And a back-seat driving husband who criticized my every misplaced tuft of icing.

It started out badly when I cut the hole too big on my icing sugar bag. In my defense, I am Metric and always have been. And any package instructions in inches never fails to screw me up, even after all these years of living here. JUST GET WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AND USE CENTIMETERS.

My initial screw-up due to the American Standard System of Measurement inhibited my overall gingerbread performance. Even Jamie’s bachelor brother who doesn’t clean his toilet (I’m still obviously traumatized over the whole thing) started giving me tips. That’s when it went from bad to worse.

And so, the near-finished houses. Any guesses which of these multiple choice options turned out to be ours?





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