Tasting Colorado

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Or at least it will be after I have thrown my final party for the ward tomorrow: a Labor Day breakfast. Yes, friends. The heavens didst shine upon me yesterday and I have been released as the Party Princess Extraordinaire. I will now be playing the piano for the Primary a.k.a. Youngins, which I will gladly do so long as it does not involve eggs. Of any variety.

On Saturday, we attended a huge party in downtown Denver: A Taste of Colorado. We toured around the hundreds of overpriced booths, gorged ourselves in sub-par BBQ, danced on the tables and got the children sauced.

We also had a grand ol’ time rocking out to a live band, Night Ranger. I couldn’t tell you even one hit song they had back in the 80s but Jamie seemed determined to relive his youth. I indulged him by enthusiastically nodding every time he exclaimed, “They’re tight, they’re still tight after all these years.”

This is Jamie’s way of thinking he sounds like some cool music aficionado.

I debated showing my support by throwing my bra onstage but I just didn’t think my nursing bra I should have retired ages ago would have done the trick. Then again, has-beens breed has-beens.

Bubby got into it by inventing moves we didn’t know he had. Moves that entailed the flailing of just one arm. I called it The I’m Drowning to the Beat of the Music dance.

We kept vowing to leave unless we heard a song we actually recognized. It didn’t happen and so when there was a delay between sets we started walking out. But then they started playing again.

“Hey wait, Jamie. I recognize this song!”

“That’s became they just played it.”

Apparently the kids weren’t the only ones.

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