Temple Square and Salt Lake’s Splendor

It’s funny because when I lived in Salt Lake City, I took Temple Square for granted. I even worked almost directly across the street and though I occasionally strolled the grounds, it was not on my radar.

Then I moved away and it became on my must-visit list whenever we’re in Utah.

Here’s the great thing about it: you don’t need to be Mormon to appreciate the feelings you get in this 10-acre complex that is the focal point of Utah’s tourism industry.

One thing you do need to have: an appreciation for beauty. The Christmas lights are truly spectacular in the wintertime, then spring brings blossoms, in summer resplendent flowers and then fall colors.

Basically, you can’t go wrong.

Hadley loved photographing these flowers….
And Bode loved blowing the blossoms.

We toured around the new City Creek Mall (ultra cool with its retractable roof), spent a minor fortune on Hadley’s first set of scriptures at Deseret Book (well worth it to see how thrilled she was) and had a grand ol’ time checking out the Church History Museum’s FREE interactive Book of Mormon children’s exhibit.

This weekend, Temple Square will be the hub for our church’s Semi-Annual General Conference.

And I feel fortunate to have caught a glimpse of where the magic happens.

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