The Cost of Luxury

Ahhh, the suspense of my eventful weekend. After forgetting the blasted key, we eventually got into our luxury cabin. I won’t divulge the sordid details (no cell phone reception, the owner in Hawaii, cleaning lady unavailable, etc.) In the end, we found a spare key, something I may underhandedly use in the future because I DEMAND A DO-OVER!

As aforementioned, our weekend plans centered on relaxation and fun in the sun. We didn’t get either of them. Don’t get me wrong. If I’m going to suffer from any kind of ailment, I would rather do it at a million-dollar lakeside cabin vs. my own anarchic abode.

The excruciating stomach pains started that night, followed by a fever. And then came the mad dashes to the bathroom. Just to put this in perspective, I usually suffer from the opposite affliction, the one where you camp out there for hours. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that both the toilet and the shower broke when I was the last person to use them. My MIL tried to comfort me by talking about the cabin’s past plumbing problems, though I suspect this was code for my own maladies.

And then Haddie got sick. In addition to diarrhea in diapers, she also specialized in projectile puking.

Oh well. At least we had our kayaks and water toys.

It snowed and/or rained the entire weekend.

Oh well. At least the healthy boys had a great time playing and taking care of us. Errr…didn’t they?

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