The Great Return

OK, so maybe there is nothing great about it as I struggle to recover. The days in Canada were swamped, the nights long. Bode had a cold and was also teething. This meant he demanded that I hold him day and night. I appeased him to avoid the fall-out but I am subsequently under the weather. Just once, could I not be over it?

But overall, we had a blast! My niece’s wedding was held in my parent’s picturesque backyard and the reception at the church across the street. Her mother (my sister-in-law) comes from a family of ten. Add that to my crazy clan and it amounts to an inordinate amount of chaos. And food. Did I mention just how much food there was?

The Cake

My Aunt Sue and I offered to pickup the wedding cake. When I told Jamie, he snorted over the wisdom of the assignment. I will spare you the sordid details of when she and I went to Europe together and spent our entire time lost, dazed or confused.

As for the damage we wreaked upon Said Cake, I blame the speed-bumps.

Oh, and that hairpin turn I did not spot until the last minute.
No worries: it was nothing that some nice little flowers and a big ol’ ribbon couldn’t cover.

And blinders.

The Circle of Trust

Or rather, the heart. My big contribution to the wedding (besides smashing the cake) was raking a huge heart on my parent’s lawn. Just call me stupid cupid.

The Golf Cart ‘O Looooove

My mom and sister-in-law decorated our golf cart for the newlyweds to drive across the street to the reception. It was my idea to attach the cans as a part of our decorations. Because doesn’t every new bride want to be whisked away in her white, clunky chariot?

The Children’s Drug of Choice

Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.
What Happened to Hadley’s Very Expensive Dress

Poop. Lots and lots of poop. All the way up her back. The damage incurred upon Said Expensive Dress was so extensive it had to stay behind to get dry-cleaned.

Evidently, what happens in Canada, stays in Canada.

Dr. Doolittle She is Not

We took my parent’s dogs, Mia and Shanta, out for daily walks to enjoy the fall colors. They are mild-mannered little creatures, except when constantly stalked by The Hurricane. The more docile of the two actually nipped Hadley in the nose. As she tearfully relayed the attack, I asked her what Shanty said when it happened.

“She said ‘Ruff ruff ruffffffff ruf ruuuuuuuf.’”

Evidently, stupid questions beget stupid answers. Even in Canada….

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